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What do horse eat? Here are all the answers

What do horse eat? Here are all the answers

When it comes to horse nutrition, the most frequently asked questions concern what these noble animals eat and why certain feeds, such as dehydrated alfalfa wafers cubes, are particularly beneficial.

To fully understand horses' nutritional needs, it is essential to first start with their natural eating habits.

What do horses eat in the wild?

In nature, horses are mainly herbivorous animals. Their diet is based on grasses, leaves and sometimes fruit and bark.

Under natural conditions, a horse spends much of its time grazing, consuming small amounts of food but steadily.

This dietary regimen, high in fiber, is essential for their digestive system, which is engineered to process low-calorie but large amounts of food. 


Domestic feeding: Besides hay, what do horses eat?

In the domestic context, horses' diets vary.

Hay is the staple of their diet, being rich in fiber and easily digested.

However, domestic horses often need to supplement their diet with other foods to meet specific nutritional needs related to age, health status, physical activity, and environmental factors.


Horses' favorite food and hay alternatives

Horses favor certain types of grasses and grains. More specifically, they love fresh grass during the grazing season. When fresh grass is not available, however, it is important to find alternatives that maintain the adequate supply of nutrients.

An epitome of this type of feeding solution is dehydrated alfalfa wafers cubes, a nutrient-rich and convenient option.


Why choose wafers for horses?

Alfalfa wafers cubes for horses, particularly those produced by Agricole Forte from dehydrated high-grade alfalfa, offer many benefits

Not only are the wafers an excellent source of fiber, but they are also rich in protein, vitamins, and essential minerals

Furthermore, they are easily digestible, thus providing the best alternative to traditional hay.


Feeds to avoid in horses' diets

As part of proper horse nutrition, it is also important to know what feeds to avoid.

Horses should not over-eat feeds that contain a high amount of starch or sugar, such as some fruits or cereals. Also, feeds that are too processed or contain additives can be harmful to their digestive systems.

Choosing natural and balanced feeds, such as dehydrated alfalfa wafers cubes, helps prevent these diet-related health problems as well.


The importance of dehydrated alfalfa in horse nutrition

Dehydrated alfalfa is a highly nutritious raw feedstock. It is rich in calcium, protein, and natural vitamins, which are crucial for horses' health and well-being

Its wafer cube format not only makes it easier to store and manage rations, but also ensures uniform distribution of nutrients in each mouthful.


Supplementing horses' diet with wafer cubes: Benefits and practicality

Supplementing horses' diets with dehydrated alfalfa wafers cubes is not only a healthy choice but, as mentioned, also a practical one. Notably, dehydrated alfalfa wafers cubes produced by Agricole Forte offer a convenient solution for horse owners

They are easy to dose and store, reducing waste and ensuring that each horse gets the exact amount of nutrition it needs. Moreover, their compact shape makes them great for feeding while traveling or competing, where hay management can be challenging.


Tailoring the diet: Every horse in unique

It is important to bear in mind that each horse is unique and that their nutritional needs may vary depending on several factors, such as age, breed, activity level and health condition. Therefore, while dehydrated alfalfa wafers cubes are an excellent base for their diet, it may be necessary to tailor the latter by supplementing it with other nutrients, with the advice of a veterinarian or equine nutritionist.

A balance between nutrition and wellbeing

We have seen how horse nutrition therefore consists of a delicate balance between nutrition and well-being. With this in mind, dehydrated alfalfa wafers cubes, such as those produced by Agricole Forte, offer a nutritious, practical and sustainable option that is ideal for supplementing horses' diets

However, it is crucial to consider the unique needs of each horse, varying the diet and consulting experts to ensure the best of both health and happiness.

With proper care and attention, we can ensure our horses live long, active and fulfilling lives.

For specific consultation on your horse's nutrition, our experts are always available to assist you. Feel free to contact us via this form.