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We Guarantee Continuity

We Guarantee Continuity

We’d like to assure you that Aziende Forte guarantees the continuity of its activities, production, and delivery of goods, given that the new decree which imposes additional measures to contain and prevent the spread of Covid-19 within the country does not include any restrictions on manufacturing activities, nor does it prohibit the free circulation of goods.

For this reason, we confirm that our manufacturing activities will continue in full.

We’re adopting all of the measures necessary for handling this emergency and guaranteeing the health of our personnel and clients.
Therefore, we confirm the normal loading and delivery of our product throughout the country and abroad, as well as the anticipated production during this period. 

The stages of processing, and all final products, respect all certifications and are therefore handled with the most scrupulous adherence to the strictest of healthcare regulations.   

We thank you for your collaboration and understanding.
We will continue to monitor the crisis as it evolves and will keep you informed regarding any future developments.