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Open Farm project at Animal Feeding Science class

Open Farm project at Animal Feeding Science class
University of Lodi: Animal Nutrition and Feed Science Class
The introduction of Open Farm project with Prof. Federica Cheli and Dr. Francesca Fumagalli and the students of the class.
The protagonist was the "BOX OF COMMUNICATION", not a simple box, but a real sensory experience of forage.
Several slides helped us understand the values of the food we grow and which animals eat, assimilate, transform and produce.
Our method of communication satisfies the needs of the supply chain and consumers:
sustainability - animal welfare - nutritious food and animal performance - the ingredients in the animal diet.
From training to work! WOW
After many years, coming back to school to describe one's experience, one's life path, is a GREAT EMOTION, with the scent of Alfalfa.
Thanks for hospitality and sharing