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Learning About Alfalfa: Why We Are What We Eat

Learning About Alfalfa: Why We Are What We Eat

The key word is synergy. It’s this collaborative, enthusiastic, and social spirit that brought about the “Open Day” event, hosted by Conduzioni Aziende Agricole Forte, in Taglio di Po (RO).

The “Open Day” initiative created by Caseifici Agricoli is now in its third year, and the team of Conduzioni Aziende Agricole Forte, especially in the person of Luigi Forte (also founder of the Open Farm startup), decided to participate.

The subtitle of the event is “The Origins of Food Culture: Listening and Sharing”

Important words which set the stage for the entire day and which sum up Luigi Forte’s mission. Through his work in the family company and with Open Farm, Luigi has become a promoter and spokesman throughout Italy of the fundamental message: “we are what we eat”.

The Conduzioni Aziende Agricole Forte, and their infinite fields of alfalfa, were the perfect setting in which to welcome the numerous guests who chose to invest their time listening to the testimonies of those who work in the primary sector every day. 

The afternoon began with a guided tour of the company, with the chance to experience, observe, and enjoy the scent of alfalfa and become familiar with its extraordinary properties; a plant that has always brought together the earth, animals, and people in the name of true environmental sustainability.

Then we heard from breeders, producers, distributors, entrepreneurs, and farmers: all members of the Italian livestock framing industry, who shared their experiences, disappointments, hopes, successes, and especially emotions.

Genuine emotions which continued in the “sea of green”. An extraordinary rural party, staged at sunset amidst the fields of alfalfa, where lovingly prepared food was served and two local singer-songwriters made the occasion special for all of the participants.