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In chain in Agrilevante with no barriers!

In chain in Agrilevante with no barriers!


A NEW FORMAT AND AN ALL-NEW LINE-UP to communicate the origins of foods like milk, meat, and eggs. The stand was set-up as an open space in order to introduce ourselves together, but showcasing our different skills, starting with a single question: what do animals eat? We focused on animal well-being and on the value of more nutritious food for all: animals, people, the environment. So we began with the field, through sensorial analyses of forage/feed, milk, and mozzarella. “Open” entrepreneurs so as to transmit culture and awareness to consumers, because WE ARE WHAT WE EAT.

This is the Open Farm method: we sow and harvest together.

Let’s infect each other with love for the health and well-being of all! It’s why we create food with love.

Thank you.

Con: Plantamura Carlo Srl - Alimenti Zootecnici - Conduzioni Aziende Agricole Forte - Latte Rugiada - Bufala Dolcenera