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How can your animals be happy?

How can your animals be happy?


By eating nutritious food as well. Today we tell you the story of Chiara and Fausto, from the Ranch del Mare equestrian centre, and the choices they make for the well-being of their HORSES:

  • balanced nutrition
  • ample green areas
  • countryside
  • paddocks
  • sea

In their animals’ diet they include HIGH QUALITY DEHYDRATED ALFALFA, in particular Conduzioni Aziende Agricole Forte’s WAFERS: a product that is unique in terms of its composition, colour, quality, fragrance, and organoleptic and nutraceutical properties. Without neglecting the fundamental value of its region of origin: the Po Delta National Park.

We’ll be expecting you in Verona, from 7 to 10 November, at FIERA CAVALLI.
Pavilion n. 9: not a competition, but an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and methods of training and communication. We will share, sow, and (why not) gather.

With Chiara Angelini and Fausto Sturaro: "The horse is healthy and I’m happy.”