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Alfalfa For Animals: the Formats

Alfalfa For Animals: the Formats

Animals’ needs change during the course of their lives. Like human beings, also cattle, equines, leporids and other species require food that nourishes and satisfies them.

Alfalfa is the primary source of nourishment for dairy, barnyard, and fattening animals thanks to its nutritional properties consisting mainly of protein, vitamins, and minerals. This is the perfect feed for young animals as well as lactating females and animals used for breeding.

Anther characteristic which makes the various formats of dehydrated alfalfa an excellent food for animals is its content of essential fatty acids: especially omega-3 and beta-carotene. The fibrous component performs a thorough mechanical function at the level of the rumen and, encouraging the animal’s mastication, perfectly complements that of other fibrous foods in both unifeed diets and traditional rations.

Alfalfa for animals is, therefore, a complete and convenient food that, above all, is suitable to the various kinds of animals found on farms and feed mills. In its various formats, alfalfa pairs outstanding nutritional characteristics with the option of administering a single food to various kind of livestock.

Alfalfa in Bales

Alfalfa in bales acquires different characteristics depending on the specific needs of the animal and its use in the industry.

Agricole Forte’s FiberActive hay is made with first-harvest dehydrated alfalfa. It is the perfect product:

  • for young replacement livestock;
  • as a component in unifeed for fattening-cattle;
  • in the dietary rations for cows in their dry period;
  • to encourage the balance of minerals in steaming-up diets.

Alfalfa RumiPower70 is a complementary food in all feed rations for livestock and other animals. This dehydrated alfalfa forage is effective:

  • when fibrous products are required;
  • when it represents between 20% and 30% of the total dry component in the diets of dairy cows and herbivores;
  • for properly nourishing lactating cows.

Alfalfa RumiSprint80 is the summer-cut of dehydrated alfalfa. The high protein and fibre content makes this kind of forage perfect for:

  • contrasting the risk of acidosis in ruminants with high production potential;
  • the breeding and the proper growth and stability of livestock;
  • milk-producing animals.

High Quality Alfalfa is the best product for balanced diets and in the case of:

  • alimentazione a secco di vacche da latte, ovini, caprini, cavalli e conigli;
  • animali per la produzione lattifera.

Alfalfa in Pellets for Animals

Dehydrated alfalfa in pellet form is perfect for its ease of transport and long shelf-life. The nutritional properties of the animal pellets remain unaltered throughout the year. This is why they’re versatile and widely used.

Alfalfa Fiber pellets are a fibrous first-harvest product. This kind of fibrous alfalfa is indicated:

  • during gestation;
  • if the animal requires a diet that adheres to its monogastric structure;
  • for young animals.

Alfalfa70 are pellets that meet the needs and characteristics of most animals as they are characterised by a high fibrous component. These alfalfa pellets are indicated:

  • for ruminants, thanks to the generous and high quality fibrous component;
  • because they naturally provide organic calcium, omega-3s, beta-carotene, and vitamin E;
  • because they are made up of fibrous particles that result in a consequent increase in the hemicellulose content.

Alfalfa80 pellets guarantee the maximum absorption of nutrients according to the species of ruminant. This format of alfalfa guarantees:

  • the best absorption of nutrients thanks to pectin, hemicellulose, and cellulose;
  • a low starch content;
  • a valid source of protein in the diet of beef cattle.

High Quality Alfalfa pellets are considered a natural protein supplement for valuable animals and the ruminant family. This variety of alfalfa pellets is indicated when:

  • the objective is also to keep the animal in shape;
  • one is looking for highly palatable feed for livestock.


Alfalfa in Wafers

The best alfalfa for equines is certainly that in wafer form. The nutritional properties of alfalfa are the most indicated for avoiding gastrointestinal issues in equines and for protecting their musculature.

Forte Wafer Base is the product that has the most suitable nutritional values and characteristics for young horses like foals or specimens used for light activities.
The characteristics of this kind of feed for horses are:

  • low percentage of dust which can affect the animal’s respiratory tract;
  • free of moulds and micro toxins;
  • greater mastication by the ruminant animal.

Forte Wafer Cereals is a feed made from dehydrated alfalfa with the addition of barley and corn, raw materials that help to keep race horses and very active animals in shape.
Forte Wafer Cereals provides:

  • proteins and other fundamental nutrients present in Forte alfalfa;
  • amino acids, proteins, and fibres that are essential to a horse’s nutrition;
  • the best stimulation of the digestive system in order to avoid issues with the digestive or gastrointestinal tracts.

Forte forage products are obtained through a temperature-controlled alfalfa dehydration process using natural sources. This is why the company guarantees its products’ integrity in every season and every environmental circumstance.

The different kinds of feeds for livestock guarantee a wide range of products that are suitable for the various phases of an animal’s life and its dietary needs.

Dehydrated alfalfa that is cultivated and produced in the Po Valley is special because it is farmed in a very specific micro-climate that gives it its unique organoleptic and nutritional properties. In Forte forage, ruminants, camels, and equines find the nutritional foundation and dietary stability that keep them strong and healthy.