10 good reasons for choose FORTEMEDICA

Successful milk production in a dairy farm always depends upon a balanced diet of the animals, with a correctly formulated ration prepared using feedstuffs of high nutritive value. This is especially important in the case of forage products, whose fibre content affects both the intake of the cows and the digestibility of the ration.

The "ideal" forage for a dairy cow is considered to be one with sufficient fibre content to stimulate the rumination process, but which does not however remain too long in the first stomach chambers, as this would cause the animal to limit its intake.

  • Improves animals health

    The high contents of organic Calcium, beta-carotene, coline and vitamin E improves cow's health and fertility.

  • Has a stable high quality

    The chemical composition of alfalfa is stable and this reduces the necessity to reform cattle diets.

  • Is easy to stored

    Easy to move and to store, needs little spaces in magazines and not lose weight during storage time.

  • Is easy to use

    The pre-cutted product can be easily mixed into daily rations, reducing preparation times.

  • Is an italian product OGM FREE

    Obtaind by using only certicate seeds of ecotypes of the Po Delta zone OGM FREE

  • Is safer than hay

    Compared with hay, the risk of contaminations from undesired fermentation products and micotoxins is lowered.

  • Make best production

    The best results can be achieved by using our alfalfa as supplement of low quality roughages.

  • Is cheap

    It allows to fulfil high producing with a lower using of soibean protein and other supplements.

  • Certifiecated quality

    The product and the chain traceability are certificated to guarantee a total transparency.

  • Insures a good milk

    The high contents of proteins and beta-carotene makes our alfalfa ideal for dairy cattle.


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