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Our hay bales forages are always of a consistent quality from season to season.

Our company is pleased to offer a product similar to our existing alfalfa, although different because this hay bales forages is not something that a farmer would wish to use as a feed for the livestock. We are talking about our chopped, dust-extracted straw also known as the PagliaTrinciataForte product line. Available in 250 kg bales, it is sold without any binders or additives, as natural as can be. This adds to the high absorbency - which is great for preventing odours and works very well at keeping the animals clean. Year-round use is possible because our hay bales forages are always of a consistent quality from season to season.
Specially selected straw is chopped, the dust extracted, and then any material which is not straw is separated away. These pre-made bales are easy to carry and perfect to store in their uniform bale size. European legislation allows the free disposal of our hay bales forages so there is no need to find special waste sites when using it. Distribute this product evenly over the whole bedding surface, it forms a mat bedding for livestock.
There are other agricultural uses possible for the PagliaTrinciataForte bale, such as use with strawberry cultivation - it works very well at rehabilitating nutritionally deficient soil.

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