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We sell many kind of forage seed for all pourposese

Agricole Forte is your source for high quality, high performance forage seed. We carry an extensive line of alfalfa and other legumes as well as forage grasses and annual forages to help provide you with forage solutions that make sense for your customers

Advantage of using our forage seed is that we provide seed with quality assurances, which can not be guaranteed with farm gate seed. All certified seed has been checked by independent certification agencies. We also provide seed cleaning and treating services that assures resellers and farmers are purchasing a superior forage seed product without contaminates.

Alfalfa, recognized worldwide as the "Queen of Forages", is the backbone of many forage systems. Alfalfa is a nutrient dense forage that has good summer production. With its deeper root system, alfalfa will continue to grow and yield better than most other forages under less than ideal moisture situations. Our alfalfa forage seed are hand selected by a group of dairy farmers, agronomists, and dairy nutritionists from hundreds of varieties in side-by-side trials, and evaluated in on-farm performance trials. They are selected to meet the needs of today's top alfalfa growers for forage quality, yield, and stand life.

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