Forage grass

Production of excellent forage grass for your horses and cattle

We are dedicated to providing agronomically and nutritionally superior forage varieties that fit into a wide range of management situations and withstand the most challenging growing conditions.

Forage grasses are used as cut fodder or grazed pastures and also as harvested seed crops (generally from dual purpose food and feed crops). Fodder may be given directly to livestock or after conservation as fermented green matter (silage and haylage) or as a dried product (hay, pellets and cube concentrates).

Our forage grass improve the efficiency of milk and meat production

Breeding forage grass has provided a means of improving the efficiency of milk and meat production at a minimal cost to farmers.

When looking for forage grass seed for hay or pasture, the correct choice will depend on what types of animals you will be feeding and the climate in your region.

Forage grasses for soil stabilization, wildlife, landscape

Forage grasses also have many applications besides just feed for livestock production. Forage grasses are used for soil stabilization, wildlife, landscape, etc. Grasses inherently have extensive fibrous root systems and leafy top growth which creates an excellent species for soil conservation. Tremendous variations in growth habits, stress tolerance, aggressiveness, and adaptation assure the availability of one or many species for just about any conservation application.

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