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The quality or nutritional value of a forage for food can be defined as its ability to support a certain level of animal performance. Dairy cows fed high-quality forage produce more milk with less supplemental concentrate than cows fed lower-quality forage. The nutrient or chemical composition of forage largely determines its quality. Chemical composition of a forage depends on plant characteristics and harvesting and storage methods.

Quality forage for food of your animals

Forage for food quality affects feed intake and the amount of concentrate needed to balance the diet. Digestibility of a diet has a major influence on feed intake by cattle. Fiber is generally less digestible than non-fiber components; therefore, high-fiber feeds such as forages are less digestible than low-fiber feeds such as grains. High quality forages such as corn silage, late bud alfalfa, and vegetative grasses are usually digestible enough that feed intake is not restricted significantly. Mature forages generally restrict feed intake due to their digestibility

Forage for food can be fed as pasture, green chop, silage, or hay

Pasture is harvested by the animal, and if it is not managed correctly, harvest losses can be severe. Harvest losses of pasture are greatly reduced when intensively managed grazing is practiced. If animals are allowed to graze a large land area at one time, much of the forage will be trampled, contaminated with manure, or otherwise wasted. Pasture is not stored so no storage losses occur. Green chop is very similar to intensive grazing except that a machine is used to harvest the crop. Harvest and storage losses are very low; however, equipment, energy, and labor costs are high. Harvest and storage losses are greatest for hay and silage, but if proper silage and hay making practices are followed, these losses can be minimized

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