Macinata Forte

PagliaTrinciataForte is a dust-extracted chopped straw product without binders or additives. Its high absorbency prevents the formation of odours and keeps the animals from getting dirty, thereby assuring their well-being.

A key feature of this product is its dependably consistent quality, which allows it to be safely used throughout the year.

The product is prepared using only selected straw which is chopped, dust-extracted and separated from any foreign matter.

PagliaTrinciataForte should be uniformly distributed over the entire bedding surface to form a mat. The Forte dust-extracted chopped straw is excellent as a bedding for livestock, but also has uses in agriculture, particularly for extensive strawberry cultivation for impoverishing the soil.

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analytical constituents

Convenient and easy to carry  
High absorbency
Easy to use
Product of free disposal within the meaning ofEuropean legislation
Packaged in convenient bales of approximately 250 kg.

our brands
Forte Agritrade Forte Wafer Forte Medica


CONDUZIONI AZIENDE AGRICOLE FORTE has achieved the following quality certifications:

Agreement n° 059