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FiberActive hay is an hay forage especially suited for formulating the diets of ruminants that required high amounts of good quality forages.

FiberActive is composed of hay forages harvested at the first cutting. The low protein, calcium and potassium content make it particularly suitable for the rations of cows in the dry stage, and especially for formulating diets for the steaming-up stage that provide the right mineral balance to prevent hypocalcaemia and other postpartum disorders.

FiberActive hay is also suitable for use in high quantities in the growth rations of young replacement livestock, and in more moderate quantities as a source of fibre for unifeed for cattle in the fattening stage.

The physical characteristics of FiberActive strongly stimulate chewing and rumination, promoting metabolic stability of the rumen which encourages high intake.

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Nutritional values

(average values, as sampled basis)
Moisture < 12%  
Crude protein 13%
Crude ash < 11%
NDF (Neutral Detergent Fibre) < 68%
ADL (Acid Detergent Lignin) < 14%
Milk feed units kg > 0,60

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