Feed grass in bales

Feed grass in bales are one solution to a varied diet for agricultural livestock

Agricoleforte is at the forefront of the agriculture feed industry. Working with the natural food which animals need in order to generate the best yield, there are three main products to ensure proper nutrition for hard-working farm animals. Feed grass in bales has long been used to supplement autumn. Agricoleforte incorporates this feed source into a convenient, natural, year-round supplement to livestock diet.
Available in sun-dried bales, dehydrated wafers and pellets, natural AlfalfaPremium is composed purely of chopped alfalfa. As an excellent source of fibre as well as protein, alfalfa contains essential oils to help keep livestock healthy. It may look a bit like feed grass in bales; however, alfalfa is a member of the pea family so every customer is getting the best-quality product for the animals.
All impurities have been removed from Fortebales, Fortewafers, and Fortepellets. Additionally, Forte is a Voluntary Product Certification participant with many ISO and related certifications. For instance, HACCP, CODEX ASSALZOO, Supply Chain Traceability, AGREEMENT N° 059, and ISO 9001/2008. Feed grass in bales are one solution to a varied diet for agricultural livestock, while Forte offers the extra boost animals need in order to produce the very best yield.

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