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Dairy cow feed can be simple and easy, especially during the rotating shifts of milking. Agricoleforte has been one of Italy's leading purveyors of quality dried alfalfa pellets since 1962. There are three types to choose from depending upon the agricultural operation's needs: the dehydrated bales, AlfalfaPremium ForteBales; FortePellets; and ForteWafers. Each product has its advantages in helping the farmer to keep dairy cows well-fed and nutritionally sound. The better food a dairy cow eats, the higher its yield,

Dairy cow feed in pallets

The bales can be used as a mix with another feed. The pellets are great for adding to a dairy cow's established feeding regimen. ForteWafers can be given to cows, which will require higher protein levels as a supplement or with the regular mix. The product is a very digestible fibre which contains the protein (from the alfalfa peas) and natural nutrients such as beta-carotene, essential fatty acids. As much as 10-15% of the daily nutritional intake for each member of the herd may be derived from the AlfalfaPremium products.

Free GMO dairy cow feed

When using these products for dairy cow feed, the agricultural businessman is assured of consistent quality and value. A good forage, especially for dairy cows, is one which possesses enough fibre to get digestion and rumination started, but proceeds through the first stomach chambers in the proper time so that the cow does not feel full too soon and stop eating before its nutritional intake goal has been reached.
Crops are chosen carefully, and none are made from GMO (genetically modified organisms), but simply 100% Italian quality alfalfa. In order to assist the agricultural operation with dispensing the dairy cow feed, bales are in convenience sizes, and pellets and wafers are easy to add to feeding stations.

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