Bales of hay

Bales of hay is a balanced diet for livestock on the farm

Forte specializes in sustainable, year round feed for agricultural livestock including cows, pigs and more. Bales of hay in the Forte lab become bales of nutrition. That is because the type of hay which Forte grows is made from Alfalfa. Pure, non-GMO alfalfa which is then sun dried, chopped, removed of any impurities, and formulated. Forte turns alfalfa into wafers, pellets, and bales of hay which can feed livestock no matter what time of year. One of the best features of the FortePremium livestock feed is that just 10-15% added to regular feed can provide complete nutrition and a good boost in production for animals such as dairy cows.
Times of the year when animals may not be able to graze due to heat or extreme cold, the bales of hay made by FortePremium can be used to supplement the other food and result in a more balanced diet for livestock on the farm. Located in Po Delta and formed back in 1962, the Forte company has been at the forefront of better dehydrated plant-based nutrition for dairy cattle ever since. It is said that if something is not broken, do not try to fix it. This is true of the methods by Forte - sun drying and dehydration of the alfalfa gives it a natural component which other methods might displace. It is done quickly, so that maximum nutrition is packed into each stalk and seed, rather than having the alfalfa sit and potentially begin fermentation. They use certified local seeds in the Po Valley, sticking to what is naturally available and avoiding chemicals or genetic modfications in favour of a more holistic approach to alfalfa crops.

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