Alfalfa seeds

Alfalafa seeds are excellent forage for livestock and horses.

Alfalfa is one of the most important forages for livestock. It is the most important "high quality" forage crop because of its high protein, vitamins, energy, and digestibility. Alfalfa can be used whenever herbivores need high quality diet for: growth, stamina, strength and, the production of meat, milk, wool, eggs or feathers.

Alfalfa seeds are widely grown throughout the world as forage for cattle, and are most often harvested as hay, but can also be made into silage, grazed, or fed as greenchop. Alfalfa seeds have the highest feeding value of all common hay crops, being used less frequently as pasture. When grown on soils where it is well-adapted, alfalfa is the highest yielding forage plant. Alfalfa is one of the most important legumes used in agriculture.

Alfalfa seeds produces a cool season, perennial legume that is high in minerals, vitamins and protein it is one of the most nutritious crops that can be utilized in any forage situation including hay production, pastures and wildlife food plots. Planted all over the world, Alfalfa originated near Iran and has been found in one form or the other on nearly all the continents. Alfalfa represents one of the oldest forage crops. Depending upon the cultivar Alfalfa withstands a wide variety of climates and is highly drought resistant through dormancy for as much as two years.

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