Alfalfa pellets

Alfalafa pellets are a good product for cattle's diet

Alfalfa pellets are a natural highly nutritious feed in a pelleted form. They supply 'slow releasing' energy in the form of highly digestible fibre, and provide good quality protein as well as a host of natural vitamins and minerals.

Alfalfa pellets to add calories to cattle's diet

Alfalfa pellets can be used to add calories to horse's and cattle's diet. They are a great source of calories for horses, because they are forage-based. Forage based calories will not cause many of the problems that high sugar and starch feeds, such as grains, do. They provide the calories without the "hot" factor.

Alfalfa pellets to boost the protein level of a diet

Alfalfa is higher in protein than grass hays, so alfalfa pellets can be used to boost the protein level of a diet. For example, 10 pounds of grass hay (the minimum a 1000 pound horse should be eating per day) contains 1.08 pounds of protein if it is 13% protein. In contrast, 2 pounds of alfalfa pellets (assuming 15% protein on dry matter basis) are going to contain just 0.25 pound of protein.

Dehydrated alfalfa pellets are made from the aerial portion of the plant. The plant is harvested, then mechanically dried under controlled conditions, then ground into meal. The meal is sold as is, or pelleted. Can be used as a supplement or substitute for hay or haylage.

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