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Alfalfa hay has been both heralded and maligned as a feed for horses. Tradition holds that timothy hay and oats are the best feeds for horses, and that alfalfa and corn spell disaster. Alfalfa hay may not be the best feed for all horses in all situations, but it contains nutrients needed for many classes of horses. Grass hay falls short of meeting the nutrient requirements of high production life stages, but is an excellent filler for horses that require bulk in the diet. An understanding of the nutrient requirements of horses compared to the nutrient content of alfalfa hay or grass hay will help nutritionists, hay producers, and horse owners make informed decisions about what type of hay to feed to horses. Grass and alfalfa hay mixes are popular as they can combine the best qualities of each hay. Its medium energy and protein contents, its relatively high (compared to grass hay) calcium content and its lower (than alfalfa hay) calcium:phosphorus ratio can meet the needs of a variety of horses and horse owners.

Alfalfa hay contains more energy

Alfalfa hay contains more energy, protein and calcium than most grass hays, such as timothy, brome grass, orchard grass. This nutrient profile makes it most suitable for young, growing horses and lactating mares, because they have high protein and mineral requirements.

Choose Agricole Forte as alfalfa hay seller

Of course buying hay in bulk in the summer or fall is the most economical way to buy hay, just as it is in the dairy or beef industry. However, the majority of horse owners do not own horses for a business, and many horse operations are run in a hand-to-mouth financial fashion. Storage and care of stacked hay is also problematic. Some stables simply don’t have enough room, and some simply don’t pay enough attention to protect hay from rain and mud. Most horse owners want to spend time with their horses, not shopping for hay. But they are concerned about buying a good quality hay to meet their horse’s nutritional needs. If a hay seller can talk knowledgeably about a horse’s nutrient requirements, not necessarily in great detail, but at least know in broad strokes the nutrient requirements of horses in the different life stages described above, this can go a long way toward building a good, trusting relationship between the horse owner and the hay seller.

Our alfalfa hay is a top quality hay which is high in protein and is fed to horses, particularly those in regular work and dairy cattle.

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