Alfalfa benefits

Alfalfa pellets

Alfalafa is a lucerne that offers many benefits for horses and cattle

The Alfalfa or alfalfa belongs to the Leguminosae family. The Arabic name "alfalfa" means father of all foods. Alfalfa has usually been used as food for herbivores and ruminants. It 's an excellent food for cattle and dairy cows like horses.

The story of Alfalfa

Alfalafa is one of the most ancient family of legumes, and it seems certain that the secret of its high nutritional value lies in the fact that the roots dig deep into the soil in search of buried MINERALS soil below the root. It is one of the most popular forage in the world. Its cultivation covers virtually all areas of agricultural land. Major extensions are in the U.S. and Argentina. Its roots are long on average 3 to 6 meters, is a perennial plant and grows easily in any soil type, and almost every every climate.

Alfalfa is a perennial legume related to the pea and bean family. Contrary to popular belief alfalfa is not a new feed in the equine diet and has been cultivated for fodder for about 2000 years. Alfalfa was the principal fodder for the cavalry and chariot horses of the ancient Persians, Greeks and Romans and is still recognised today as an excellent feed for horses.

The benefits of alfalfa

Alfalfa pellets are easy to handle

Alfalfa is convenient to feed horses as it comes in small cubes, which are easy to handle, reducing mess and waste during feeding. Alfalfa cubes are denser than regular hay bales, so they require less room for storage, and they are easier to transport, as they take up less space in your vehicle and won't make a mess. They also stay fresh longer than baled hay.

Alfalfa has a higher percentage of digestible nutrients

Alfalfa has a higher percentage of digestible nutrients than any other form of hay or roughage. It is a very high protein feed that is high in energy, as well as calcium and vitamins. As with any high energy food, you should make sure that you feed the horse an appropriate amount, with consideration to how much energy your animal is using.

Protein alfalfa values

The protein content of alfalfa is among the highest of all plants: namely, 18.9%. Milk only contains 3.3%; wheat, 13.8%; eggs, 13.1%; and beef. 16.5%. Alfalfa also contains good quantities of calcium, phosphorus and iron.

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